UK Visa in Dubai – Rejected and Re-Applied


This is a long over due article that I should have posted last 2015.

Time flies so fast that I didn’t realize it has been 2 fun loving years have passed since I last wrote here.

Enough of blah blah..

Here I would share with you my personal experience when I have applied for a UK Visa.

I have lodged my application 2 (two) times! One has been rejected and the other one cost me a fortune.

It was September 2015 when we submitted our group application in VFS UK located in Wafi Mall.

Things didn’t turned out well as 2 of my friends have some discrepancies with the salary x salary mentioned on the form. Since it was a group application – mine got denied too!

I was positive that my application was wrongfully assessed as the refusal letter do not make sense at all. The amount mentioned on the letter is different from my available funds on my bank statements.

Geez, my second application cost me approximately AED 1500++ (sorry I just dont remember the exact amount I paid), it was because I availed;

  1. Prime time services
  2. Express Service
  3. UK Visa Fees

To re-apply for a UK visa is easy. There is no time frame to wait till you can lodge for a new application.

Here are the requirements I have submitted;

  1. Appointment Confirmation
  2. UK Visa Visa Form – signed
  3. Passport and UAE Residence Visa Copy
  4. Copy of previous passports
  5. No Objection Certificate from your Employer (tenure, salary and travel dates should be mentioned)
  6. Flight Itinerary Booking (mine is confirmed booking via EK)
  7. Hotel Booking
  8. Car Rental booking (this not necessary, but since we are hiring one, I have included this)
  9. 6 months Bank statements
  10. Ejari (Tenancy Contract) -not required though but I submitted this to prove my home address
  11. Copy of my 2 car registrations – not required too but just to support my asset declaration
  12. Last but not least – LETTER OF APPEAL

With my letter of appeal – I have mentioned that my previous application was assessed wrongly and stated few points in justification of the refusal.

It took only 2 days for them to process the visa.

and Wahlah! UK Visa granted for 6 months.

So guys, if you have been recently rejected for a UK visa, you can re-apply any time, please ensure that you will submit whatever documents you have missed from your previous application.






One thought on “UK Visa in Dubai – Rejected and Re-Applied

  1. Great post kabayan 🙂 Just want to ask if more or less 10k aed bank balance is enough for them to approved UK visa and i will be having sponsorship as well and is it necessary to make cover letter and itinerary? thank you and god bless kabayan.


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