Irish Tourist Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

It was a couple of weeks ago when we arrived back to the sand pit from our 2 weeks vacations.

We spent 8 days in the United Kingdom and a week in Dublin, Ireland.

Many of us have mistakenly thought that having a valid UK tourist visa will allow you to enter Ireland. Well, to other nationalities, this holds true, but for us Filipinos- unfortunately, we can’t.

Ireland is an enchanting land of scenery. Living in Dubai for 4 years and my Beau for 11 years.. the serenity of nature is what we have signed for for this trip.

I was a bit intimated by the looks of their website and requirements, but I realized that applying for an Irish Tourist visa is as easy as 1-2-3. First, no need for a visa appointment, just pop in to their offices in Dubai and submit the required documents, pay the fees and Viola! You get the result in less than 5 days! By the way, they only ask for  photocopies of your valid passport and UAE Residence visa… They don’t need to hold unto your original passport.

Should you want to visit Ireland, or you are travelling to the UK, why don’t you take a side trip to Dublin (have a sip of the world famous Irish dry stout beer- Guinness) and follow the tips below on applying your Irish visa.

Embassy of Ireland –

Irish Visa Facilitation Office

4th Floor, The H Hotel Office Tower

No 1 Sheikh Zayed Road (Opp. Dubai World Trade Centre) Dubai

OPENING HOURS – Strictly 9.00am to 12.00pm (Sunday to Thursday)

(Contact number for Dubai Visa Office – +971 4 3298382)

Please note that the following guidelines is only for Tourist Visa.

1. Fill out the online application. (you should have the following information on hand: Passport details and any previous passports, details on previous Irish visa if available, Contact details of your host in Ireland like Hotel name, address and contact details and itinerary)

Print the confirmation and attached with your supporting documents;

2. Prepare your supporting documents:

2.1 2 colour passport size photo (not more than 6 months old) – write your name and your application reference number at the back of the photo.

2.2 Photocopy of your current passport and previous (if applicable)

2.3 Photo copy of your UAE Residence Visa

2.4 Cover Letter addressed to the Consulate General of Irish Embassy stating your reason of your visit, how long you intend to stay, your accommodation details, and what are the places you want to visit.

2.5 Undertaking letter – this may sound intimating, nothing to worry, just address this to the Consulate General.


I, (name) holder of Philippine Passport No. XXXXXX hereby confirm that I will observe the conditions of my visa, that I will not become a burden on the State, and I will leave the State on the expiry of my permission to remain in Ireland. 



2.6 No Objection Certificate from your Employer stating your designation, date of joining, your salary and approved leave dates.

2.7 Six (6) months bank statement – doesnt necessarily requires a fat bank account but as long as it shows your salary in comparison to your NOC letter. You may also attached stamped pay slips for 6 months too!

2. 8 Hotel booking confirmation ( you can get this reservation thru or you can book directly from any Hotels nearby the City Centre. We used and booked rooms at Barry’s Hotel

tip: Upon booking thru, I have emailed the hotel directly and requested for a confirmation from them, so I submitted 2 documents: 1 from and the other from Barry’s hotel. 

2.9 Airline ticket reservation

2.10 Any booking reservations like any excursion trips if available

2..11 Travel Insurance

Note: Should you have any previous visa refusal, you may want to declare this as well. If you still have the refusal letter, better. This will not jeopardize your application, you just want to be honest with them. 

3. Submit your application along with the visa fees of AED 300. Visa appointment is not required. Just submit your application between 9AM to 12Noon.

Visa processing usually takes about 5 to 10 working days. They usually phone you even before they upload the decisions online.

You may check the visa decisions here

They update the listings every Fridays. Our application was processed pretty fast, about 3 days upon lodging, did not even reached the update cut off.. Quite impressive.

They do not require your original passport to be with them as you go through the application process. They will only ask for it once your visa is ready for stamping.

Good luck and hope you will visit the Land of Saints and Scholars!


Let me know if I can be of any help on your application.

Will post pretty soon about getting UK Visa and places to visit and maximize your budget. 🙂



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